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Single Call In Services

Please note these prices do not include sales tax.

Just A Mow

$50per cut

Mowing, Edging, Wead-Eat, Blow Debris From Side-walks and Hardscapes

  • One Time Lawn Maintenance Call In Basis

Minimum Service Charge
Additional fee may apply if lawn is overgrown

Landscape Maintenance

$85.00per hour

  • Landscape & Flower Bed Cleanups
  • Shrub Trimming, Prunning
  • Planting
  • Plant shrubs, perennials, annuals, ground-cover
  • Add New Mulch
  • Add or Replace Weed Barrier (Mat)

Debris will be put in bags and placed in the alley. If debris is too large to bag, a hauling fee may apply

Single Weed Control

$65.00up to 6,000 square feet

  • Pre or Post Emergence
  • Control Grassy or Broad-leaf Weeds
  • Insecticide Application
  • Control Grub Worms, Ticks, Fleas and Fire Ants
  • Fungicide Application
  • Control Common Shrub or Turf Diseases
  • Fertilizer Application ($55.00)
  • Essential Nutrients for your Turf and Shrubs

Add $10 Dollars for additional chemical (ex. Pre and Post Emergence Combo)

Tree Trimming

$95.00Per Hour + Hauling Fee

  • Trim Trees
  • Remove Dead Branches and Runners
  • Remove Branches Away From House
  • Haul Off Debris

Hauling Fee Ranges From $50.00 – $75.00 Per Load

Sprinkler Quick Fix

$45.00Flat Rate

  • Simple Repairs Under 20 Minutes
  • Set Control Clock, Test Zones
  • Replace Up To 2 Sprinkler Head

For simple repairs under 20 minutes

Complete Sprinkler Inspection

$75.00Flat Rate

  • Complete Inspection
  • Fix or Repair Heads
  • Make sure water is not being wasted & runoff is minimal.
  • Raise heads if necessary.
  • Price does not include replacement heads or nozzles
  • Set Control Clock
  • for optimal watering settings while being limited with water restrictions.

Price based on up to 6 zones and does not include major repairs.

Sprinkler System Repairs

$75.00Per Hour + Materials

  • All Repairs
  • Fix or Repair Heads
  • Locate Missing Valves
  • Repair Busted Pipes & Valves
  • Repair or Replace Backflow
  • Replace Control Clock
  • Wiring Issues
  • New Expansions
  • Drip Conversions

Got A Leak? We Can Dig It!

Certified Back-Flow Testing

$75.00Each Test

  • Contractor Discounts Available
  • All Approved Back-flow Prevention Devices
  • Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)
  • Reduced Pressure Zone Device (RPZ)

Price good up to 1 1/2″ inch in size
Price does not include any backflow repairs or come-backs due to test failure

Total Care Packages

Looking for a company to “baby-sit” your lawn and landscape? We do just that with our Total Care Packages. Have a custom package made to fit your needs. By signing a service agreement (can be canceled any time), we can offer you all our services at a discounted rate all year long.  Combine the following services into 1 monthly payment:

    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Weed Control / Fertilizer
    • Landscape Maintenance
    • Monthly Sprinkler Checks

Lock in your savings now! Call for your Monthly Care Package Quote.

Easy Payment Solutions

We make paying your invoices easy with our online Customer Management System.  If you provide us with your email, we can send you the invoice via email.  You can then pay your invoice online using any major credit card.  We also accept cash or check.

Our License Information

    • Irrigation License #LI18784
    • TDA Lawn & Ornamental Pesticide Applicator #584111
    • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester #BP14485
    • Fully Insured

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